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how do i copy a campaign in mailchimp

Copying a campaign in Mailchimp is as easy as duplicating a masterpiece in the world of email marketing. Whether you’ve crafted a captivating newsletter, designed a dazzling promotional email, or conjured up a compelling message, duplicating it can save you valuable time while maintaining the brilliance of your original creation. Here’s how to perform this digital magic trick:

Step 1: Log into your Mailchimp Account To begin your journey of duplication, log into your Mailchimp account using your credentials. Ensure you’re in the right account and workspace that contains the campaign you wish to clone.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Campaigns Once you’re inside your account, find your way to the ‘Campaigns’ tab, which is usually located on the top menu bar. Click on it, and you’ll be transported to the realm of your existing campaigns.

Step 3: Select the Campaign to Duplicate In the sea of your campaigns, locate the one you want to replicate. Hover your cursor over it like a digital artist contemplating their next masterpiece. You’ll notice a series of icons appear. Click on the one that looks like two overlapping squares; this is the “Duplicate” button.

Step 4: Customize Your Duplicate A magical duplicate of your campaign will appear, ready to be transformed into a new creation. You’ll notice it’s an identical twin of the original. But don’t worry; it won’t stay that way. Give your duplicate a name that suits its new purpose. Perhaps something more exciting and relevant to the current moment.

Step 5: Edit Your Duplicate Now, it’s time to unleash your creativity. Click into your duplicate campaign, and you’ll be taken to the familiar campaign editor. Tweak the content, images, and details to match your current needs. This is your canvas; paint it with your latest ideas and updates.

Step 6: Review and Test Before you release your masterpiece into the world, review your duplicate campaign carefully. Ensure all links are working, and the content is error-free. It’s also a good idea to send a test email to yourself or a trusted colleague to ensure it looks and functions as intended.

Step 7: Schedule or Send Once you’re satisfied with your duplicate campaign, decide whether you want to schedule it for a future date or send it immediately to your subscribers. Mailchimp provides you with the tools to choose the perfect timing for your message.

Step 8: Launch Your Duplicated Campaign With a few clicks, your duplicated campaign will be on its way to your audience, shining just as brilliantly as the original. Watch as it engages, inspires, and converts your subscribers with its newfound charm.

And there you have it, the enchanting process of copying a campaign in Mailchimp. With this simple but powerful feature, you can replicate your success and continue to captivate your audience with your email marketing prowess. Happy duplicating!